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Welcome to the Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy (MLC) website and thank you for visiting. Our web site contains information about lighthouses and life saving stations located in Michigan. MLC currently owns the Muskegon Lighthouses and we are working to preserve them.

The Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy is a registered IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in the state of Michigan. For more details on the conservancy please visit the organization and membership information.

This site contains basic information on each Michigan lighthouse in the Light List and links to local preservation groups if they have a web site or where to call or write for more information. Lighthouse history basic facts are presented with old lighthouse photographs and then how it looks today to see what changes have happened over the years. A comprehensive history can be read on each lighthouse at Terry Pepper's web site. We didn't want to try and duplicate a good thing that already exists.

One key feature of this site is the Light Keeper's Tools section which features the tools that lighthouse keepers used on a regular basis. No other source of this information is available in one place as presented here on this web site. Fresnel lenses and other educational information are contained throughout this site.

U.S. Life Saving Stations are also a feature of this site since most were located at or near lighthouses. They were the rescuers when ships were in distress. The Life Saving Service pre-dates the modern day United States Coast Guard. Learn about the Life Saving Service from that section of the site.

We are always looking for donations to help restore lighthouses and life saving stations. We are in need of funding to help these historic structures. Please donate now to help these historic structures via PayPal or please send in a check.

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MLC's web site will be undergoing major updates from September 2012 until December 2012. Please be patient with us as we update the sites design and hosting services to provide visitors with an enhanced experience and the information on Michigan's lights and Life-Saving Stations.

A lot of sections are being updated in the new site right now and this format contains the old information. We hope to start releasing pages that are finalized in November 2012.

MLC is seeking donations right now for preservation of the Muskegon lighthouses.

MLC has applied for and is in the final application process for our application for the Alpena Lighthouse. We hope to know more in the fall of 2012.

MLC is working on an application for the Manistique lighthouse. Stay tuned for more information.

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