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The Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy is an IRS registered 501(c)3 non profit Corporation in the State of Michigan. Our mission statement is as follows:

            Our mission is to promote the preservation of Michiganís lighthouses and life saving station structures along with the artifacts associated with them. We will accomplish this through education, interpretive displays and artifact preservation.


Are lighthouses in danger of being lost forever?

Do you know that some of Michigan's lighthouses are in danger? The era of the lighthouse keeper is long gone and with it went the person who took care of the dwellings, towers and outbuildings. The Coast Guard has automated the nation's lights and abandoned most of the light stations. The Coast Guard is not into the historic preservation business and so that is left to organizations and individuals to care for these structures and bring them back to life as museums, bed and breakfasts or private homes for example. Without caretakers, the keeper's houses and other buildings have become easy targets for vandalism and damage caused by storms and normal weathering. In just a short period of time these structures can deteriorate beyond repair. Lost with them is the treasured history and memories of countless lives saved and their architectural significance. Lighthouses have been classified by many as America's Castle's. Without caretakers lighthouses will be lost forever, some have already met this fate.

Can anything be done to stop this?

Yes. The Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy is working in many ways to help restore these landmarks and to create museums and other reuses of the lights. With a network of professionals and volunteers we can provide information or help to those who need it. We are advocates for lighthouse preservation through foundations, media relations and government. With your interest and support we can continue to restore these structures and preserve this unique part of the maritime heritage.

Preserving artifacts

The Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy is dedicated to the collecting and preserving artifacts used in the U.S. Lighthouse Service, U.S. Life Saving Service and early U.S. Coast Guard. We specialize in collecting the artifacts to preserve and restore them, we then turn them into interpretive displays for the public through various means such as loaning them out or using them in our own displays for the public. Artifacts like these can be seen under the Light Keeper's Tools or under the Life Saver's Tools sections of the web site.


The Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy publishes news information in the News section of our website online only.


  • Acquire a lighthouse for preservation
  • Acquire a life saving station for preservation.
  • Acquire lighthouse and life saving artifacts for display and preservation
  • Educate the public on lighthouses and life saving stations in Michigan
  • Support existing and future lighthouse museums and organizations
  • Establish partnerships with other organizations to obtain these goals

Equal Opportunity

The Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy shall provide equal service opportunities to all eligible persons without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, parental status, handicap, or membership in any labor organizations.

Help Save Life Saving Station's, Because Life Saving Station's Need Saving Too.

Donations to Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy

Donations to the Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy are tax deductible under our IRS 501(c)3 status. We are looking for artifacts related to the US Lighthouse Establishment, US Lighthouse Service, US Life Saving Service or early US Coast Guard related to the lighthouse or life saving services. Please contact us regarding any questions you may have at the address below or via e-mail. A form can be filled out below for any donations, cash or artifact. You can print out this form, fill it out and mail it in. You will receive a newsletter on lighthouse and life saving related topics from the Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy for a donation. Donations help preservation of artifacts and structural restoration. No funds are distributed to any position in the organization as it is all voluntary. Costs go to web site development, artifact preservation and structural preservation of these structures. Your help is needed!

The Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy can be reached at P.O. Box 973 Fenton, MI. 48430. The telephone number is (810) 750-9236. Please e-mail us at michiganlights@gmail.com.

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Donation Form

Please Click here to download and print out a donation form. Please make checks payable to the following:         

Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy P.O. Box 973 Fenton, MI. 48430

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