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Click on each particular item to view a photo and description of that item. Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy is dedicated to preserving these artifacts and constantly searching for them. Anyone who has artifacts to donate please contact us. Anyone who has an item not featured here, please e-mail us information on it so we can include some information and photos of it on this site. Some photographs featured here were supplied by Jim Claflin Nautical Antiques who specializes in dealing with them.

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Hand Lantern #1
Hand Lantern #2
USLHE Station lantern
USLHE Personal light
House & out building lanterns

Navigation Lights:

Fresnel lenses
Post Lantern "A"
Post Lantern "B"
Triangular Post Lanterns
Buoy Lights
Other post or unmanned aids to navigation
Fresnel lens oil lamps by Lens Order

Uniform's & Accessories:

Cleaning coat/apron
Keepers lapel insignia
Lightship uniforms
Lighthouse tender uniforms

Household Items:

House lanterns
Brass dustpan
Medicine chests and medical books
Silver dinner ware
Log Books
Daily Expenditures Log
Record of Fog Signal
Other Books and Reports
Watch Book
Instructions to Light-keepers Book
Property Warning Signs
Traveling Library Box
Brassware & Hardware:
Lantern oil filling can
Lantern oil filling can style #2
Oil transfer cans small and large
5 Gallon transfer can
Oil measuring cups & Pitchers (S/M/L)
Lightkeepers service basket
Oil drip pan
Wick storage containers
Glass kerosene storage container
Fire Bucket

Other Tools & Misc.:

Ring Buoy
Tool Box and tools
Filtering Sand Can
Rouge Storage Can
District Inspector's Stop Watch

Lighthouse Service Tenders
Lighthouse Service skiffs and small boats
Lighthouse Tender Log Book

Lighthouse Depot Night Watchman's Rattle

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