Vermillion Life Saving Station
Vermillion, MI. Lake Superior

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Station Whitefish Point, Michigan
Coast Guard Station #XXX


At Whitefish Point, next to the Whitefish Point Light, and X miles north of the town of Paradise, MI. Lake Superior.

Date of Conveyance

July 1847 Lighthouse Reservation 115 acres

Station Built:



See "Remarks" section below

Station Type:



William C. Know was appointed keeper on 17 MAR 1877 and resigned on 8 AUG 1880.

Samuel F. Bernier was appointed keeper on 16 AUG 1880 and resigned on 31 MAY 1900.

James A. Carpenter was appointed keeper on 10 MAY 1900 and left in 1915.

John McDonald (acting) was appointed keeper in 1915.


Station was closed in 19XX. Buildings sold at auction in 19XX and moved off site. Great Lakes Shipwreck Society purchased the buildings in 19XX and moved the Station House, Surfboat House and Watch Tower back to the site. The motor life boat house remains on blocks just south of Whitefish Point at the public harbor in un-restored condition.




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