Sturgeon Point Life Saving Station
Harrisville, MI. Lake Huron

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Photo from an updated postcard.

Station Sturgeon Point, Michigan
Coast Guard Station #251


On Sturgeon Point, at Sturgeon Point Light; Lake Huron

Date of Conveyance


Station Built:



Turned over to the GSA in 1960, Destroyed.

Station Type:



Perley Silverstrom was appointed keeper on 7 SEP 1876 and was removed on 12 OCT 1880.

Hilliard S. Broadwell was appointed keeper on 11 OCT 1880 and resigned on 1 MAR 1884.

Eugene P. Motley was appointed keeper on 18 FEB 1884 and was dismissed on 21 SEP 1885.

James E. Henderson was appointed keeper on 3 OCT 1885 and was still serving in 1915.

Not much remains on the site of the old life saving station at Sturgeon Point. The old concrete footings for the watch tower are still present but not much else. All the buildings were torn down at some point. Possibly some of the smaller houses for the surfmen were moved further south and are rumored to still exist in the rows of small cabins that have been modified over the years to the south of the lighthouse park..



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