Ludington Life Saving Station
Ludington, MI. Lake Michigan

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Ludington life saving station. Notice the signal flag tower and the dwelling to the north which is probably the lighthouse keepers dwelling.

Station Ludington, Michigan
Coast Guard Station #266


North side entrance of Ludington Harbor, Mich., 1/2 mile east of North Breakwater Front Light;

Date of Conveyance


Station Built:



Still in operation

Station Type:



Joshua J. Brown was appointed keeper on 25 OCT 1879 and resigned on 1 MAR 1883.

Robert Broadbent was appointed keeper on 15 FEB 1883 and resigned, date unknown.

Charles Tufts was appointed keeper on 25 SEP 1884 and transferred to Station Chicago on 25 FEB 1893.

Telesford St. Peter was appointed keeper on 25 FEB 1893 and transferred to Station Chicago on 28 NOV 1893.

Charles Tufts was appointed keeper on 16 NOV 1893 and resigned on 28 JUL 1897.

Peter Jensen was appointed keeper on 23 JUL 1897 and transferred to Station Holland on 14 AUG 1900.

Adam N. Weckler was appointed keeper on 14 AUG 1900 and resigned on 12 OCT 1905.

Berudt Carlson was appointed keeper on 26 OCT 1905 and died 31 JAN 1913.

Eli E. Pugh was appointed keeper on 21 FEB 1913 and was still serving in 1915.

Original cabinet card photograph of the Ludington crew performing a capsizing drill in their life boat. Notice all the spectators on shore.

Crew in front of the Ludington station.

The remodeled US Coast Guard station now expanded from the original stick style design.

The Ludington car ferry passing near the Ludington Coast Guard station.

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