Hammond Bay Life Saving Station
Rogers City, MI. Lake Huron

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View of the station from the back.

Station Hammond Bay, Michigan                                     Coast Guard Station #254


At Hammond Bay, Lake Huron, 6 miles west of Forty Mile Point Light.

Date of Conveyance


Station Built:



Turned over to the GSA in 1968, Still in existence. Is currently a US Biological Station.

Station Type:



George Feaben was appointed keeper on 20 SEP 1876 and drowned on 20 OCT 1880.

Joseph Valentin was appointed keeper on 27 DEC 1880 and was still serving in 1915.



Hammond Lifeboat Station in Hammond, Michigan was situated at Lake Huron in Presque Isle County. The land for the station was leased for twenty years in 1874 and 2 acres of it were eventually purchased on March 6, 1895. The Lifeboat House was built in 1880. 

The station was decommissioned in the spring of 1947. The reservation and all buildings were subsequently occupied by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under a permit granted by the Commandant of the Coast Guard on March 21, 1950.  Transferred to the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Department of the Interior in 1971.

Close up detail of the stations architecture on the boat house corner.

Another close up detail of the stations architecture on the boat house corner.

Another close up detail of the stations architecture on the boat house.

View of the station from the parking lot.

Close up of the main boat house of the station with the additions going off from each side. US Biological Station sign displayed above the windows.

Lookout tower near the waters edge.

View showing the north addition onto the side of the boat house and dormer added.

View near the signal flag tower. Where the entry door and two windows are now is where the two old swing out doors would open to let the surfboats out of the boat house.

View showing the southern additions which were many over time.

View from the waters edge of the boat house.

Full view of the station including the lookout tower to the north.

Close up of the boat house water side

View from the parking lot side of the north side of the station.

An old house just outside the fence for the station. This could have been a surfman's house at some point.

Another view of the surfman's house

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