Deer Park Life Saving Station
Deer Park, MI. Lake Superior

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Station Muskallonge Lake [Deer Park], Michigan
Coast Guard Station #295


Abreast of Muskallonge Lake, 16 1/2 miles east of Grand Marais Harbor of Refuge Outer Light, and 18 1/4 miles west southwest of Crisp Point Light, Lake Superior;

Date of Conveyance


Station Built:



Turned over to the GSA in 1955

Station Type:



Quinton Morgan was appointed keeper on 17 MAR 1877 and transferred to Station No. 2 on 28 SEP 1881.

William Steele was appointed keeper on 28 SEP 1881 and transferred to Station Ship Canal on 9 MAR 1885.

Henry Cleary was appointed keeper on 9 MAR 1885 and transferred to Station Marquette on 24 JAN 1891.

John H. Frahm was appointed keeper on 24 JAN 1891 and transferred to Station Point Aux Barques on 11 FEB 1898.

James McGraw was appointed keeper on 11 FEB 1898 and was still serving in 1915.


Name later changed to Deer Park











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