Crisps Point Life Saving Station
Crisp Point, MI. Lake Superior

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Station Crisps, Michigan


18 miles west of Whitefish Point, Lake Superior

Date of Conveyance


Station Built:

1876 (?)


Turned over to the Department of the Interior in 1960

Station Type:



David Grummond (?) was appointed keeper on  17 MAR 1877 and left in 1878 (?)

Christopher Crisp was appointed keeper on 3 OCT 1878 and he was discharged on 18 MAR 1890.

Robert M. Small was appointed keeper on 4 APR 1890 and transferred to Station Ottawa Point on 6 NOV 1896.

Harry Gibb was appointed keeper on 2 APR 1897 and resigned on 20 OCT 1897.

James Hunter was appointed keeper on 17 NOV 1897 and resigned on 8 JUN 1904.

James Scott was appointed keeper on 31 MAY 1904 and left in 1915.

Daniel Shelson (acting) was appointed keeper in 1915.


The Crisp Point Station occupied several sites at various points.   The erosion of the land caused the station to be moved frequently.












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